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Not Quite Tights came to life in my closet.  Every fall I face the same frustration while hovering over the abyss that is my hosiery drawer. We’ve all been there. It’s a colorful cacophony of items that aren’t quite right.  Hosiery that’s too sheer will run if you look at it too boots for you my pretty. Tights are too thick and don’t hold their shape. hope for a cute pair of pumps or mary-janes for after work cocktails with those hanging around. Literally.

I needed the best of both worlds. I wanted the shaping of hosiery, but with the coverage of tights, and then came my Ah-ha moment. Not Quite Tights! The name says it all!  Not Quite Tights has a unique denier that offers the excellent coverage of tights without the weight, but with twice the lycra content, they have the silky feel and superior form of hosiery. No bunching at the knee and ankle. No bulky fabric around the foot. Perfection from day to night.

I’m so proud to manufacture here in the US and package in adorable cloth bags that are eco-friendly and just waiting for you to reuse.

Happy Shopping! 

Jayna DelTessandoro